12 Reasons to Boost Your B2B Content Marketing in 2017 [Infographic]


Here are 12 solid reasons B2B content marketing is still holding strong, only coming in as the second most important initiative to measuring ROI, according to CMO’s of some of the largest tech brands.

12 Reasons to Boost B2B Content Marketing in 2017 - Infographic - Digital Marketing - Content Marketing - Inbound Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: puzzlepartner.co


eCommerce Tips to Boost Your Online Sales [Infographic]


Here is a quick look at the top useful tips to boost your online sales.

eCommerce Tips to Boost Your Online Sales Infographic - eCommerce Consulting - eBusiness Consulting - Kate Vega

Source: eliteinfoworld.com

Content Marketing: Best Type of Visuals for Objectives and Content [Infographic]


Here is a fresh look at 3 categories of visual content (static, interactive, and live motion) and how to optimize your visual strategies and reach your objectives.

Content Marketing- Best Type of Visuals for Objectives and Content - Digital Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: marketo.com

Top B2B Sales & Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2016 [Infographic]


Here’s a nice break-down of the top sales and marketing trends to watch out for in tech in 2016.

Top B2b Sales & Markekting Trends to Watch for in 2016 - Infographic - eCommerce - eBusiness - IT Cnsulting - Kate Vega

Source: salesforlife.com

B2B Marketing 2016: 5 Digital Must-Dos [Infographic]


Check out this handy infographic showing which areas B2B marketers should devote additional digital spend to in 2016.

B2B Marketing - Digital marketing - eBusiness Consulting - Kate Vega

Source: mdgadvertising.com