What Colors Should You Use in Marketing? [Infographic]


Successful ad design considers the psychology of color as a fundamental element to maximize click-through rates of display ads. Here is a nice color wheel visual that describes each color’s associated moods and uses in advertising and branding.

Psychology of Colors in Advertising - Infographic - Graphic Design - Web Design - Ad Design - Kate Vega

Psychology of Color in Advertising

Source: banner-guru.com

Choosing the Best Colors for Web Design [Infographic]


Here is a visual break-down on the psychology of color on the web; how to choose the best color combinations for the highest engagement and conversions.

Choosing the Best Colors for Web Design Infographic - Web Design - UI Design - Web Development - Digital Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: www.orphicpixel.com

How to Create a Custom Color Scheme [Infographic]


Here is a complete look at the different aspects behind developing your own custom color scheme. Ideally, the best color schemes include one dominant color with its associated shades, tints, and tones with one or two complimentary hues.

How to Create a Custom Color Scheme Infographic - Graphic Design - Web Design - Kate Vega

Source: designmodo.com

CTA Color Combinations That Convert: A Simple Guide [Infographic]


Here is a simple guide to designing Call-to-Action (CTA) color schemes that are likely to convert.

CTAs That Convert - Color Psychology - Consumer Behavior - Infographic - Web Design - Web Development - Kate Vega

Source: wishpond.com

Infographic Design – Color Pallet Comparison [Infographic]


Here’s a nice visual comparison of some 5-color pallets that work and don’t work for infographic design pulled from the color-picking too, COLOURlovers which breaks palettes into different themes aimed at optimal info retention and conversion.

Color Pallet Comparrison - Infographic Design- Graphic Design - Web Design - Kate Vega

Source: smashingmagazine.com