9 Customer Lifecycle Email Campaigns that Convert [Infographic]


The key to successful email marketing is to send relevant, well-timed emails to the right people at the right time using well-defined, data-driven, and targeted eCommerce email marketing campaigns. REJOINER created a stellar Lifecycle Email Guide that outlines 9 critical steps within the curve of the customer lifecycle and how to best target and capture your audience at each crucial steps to maximize your conversions. Check out the complete article here.

REJOINER Customer Lifestyle Curve - Infographic - Digital Marketing - Email Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: rejoiner.com


Top 10 Factors that Influence eCommerce Purchase Decision [Infographic]


Here are some useful stats on the top ten factors that influence eCommerce customers’ purchase decisions.

What Influences an eCommerce Purchase Decision - Infographic - eBusiness - eCommerce - Consulting - Kate Vega

Source: hubspot.com

Lead Generation Ecosystem: Traffic Sources to New Customers [Infographic]


Here’s an overview of the lead generation ecosystem for marketers , from initial traffic sources through conversion to new customers.

The Lead Generation Ecosystem - From Traffic Sources to New Customers - Digital Marketing Infographic - Web Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: straightnorth.com

Top Ten Reasons Why CRM Systems are so Popular in Sales [Infographic]


Here’s a nice stat visual on the top ten reasons why CRM systems are so popular in sales.

eBusiness Consulting - CRM Customer Managment Software - Marketing Strategy & Marketing Campaign Management - Kate Vega

Source: cloudswave.com