5 Levels of Personalization [Infographic]


Here is a quick visual look at 5 levels of personalization: optimization, segmentation, multi-channel marketing, machine learning, and omni-channel, machine-driven personalization.

5 Levels of Personalization - Infographic - Digital Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: www.monetate.com


eCommerce Trends in 2017 [Infographic]


Here is an insightful look at some of the top trends dominating eCommerce this year.

eCommerce Trends 2017 - Web Design - Web Development - Digital Marketing - eCommerce - eBusiness Consulting - Kate Vega

Source: trellis.co

The Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing [Infographic]


Here is a quick look at several important stats to consider when planning your company’s multi-channel marketing strategy.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing - Digital Marketing - Online Marketing - Internet Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: invespcro.com