Closing the Gender Gap in Computer Science [Infographic]

Here is an all-to-real look at shift in male dominance in computer science over the years, concluding in the importance of changing the preconceptions of girls and young woman to encourage their pursuit of computer science degrees and careers.

Women vs. Machine Infographic - Women in Computer Science - Web Development - Programming - Kate Vega



The Future of Mobile App Development: 2017 Trends [Infographic]

Here is an interesting look at the enormous surge in mobile app use, trends, and development since 2013.

The Future of Mobile Applications Development - Infographic - Web Development - Mobile App Development - Kate Vega



The Anatomy of a Web Developer [Infographic]

Web development involves more than just knowing how to write code. Web developers need a solid foundationto build off of, critical thinking skills, the right attitude to best utilize talent, and real world experience. Check out this infographic by XHTMLized showing the anatomy of a modern web developer.

Web Development - Anatomy of a Web Developer - Kate Vega Web Development Web Programming Web Programmer