User Experience Design Trends: What to Expect [Infographic]

Here is a nice visual break-down of the leading trends in user interaction design in 2017; including, micro-interactions, web acceleration, video/animation, and bold interface design.

User Experience Design Trends in 2017 Infographic - Web Design - UI/UX Design - Kate Vega


Better Website Testing: Simple Guide to Knowing What to Test [Infographic]

Here is a clever animated visual on the basics of A/B website testing to help increase page optimization and boost conversion rates.

Better Website Testing Infographic - A/B Testing - Digital Marketing - Website Optimization - Web Design - Web Development - Kate vega


Need an eCommerce Website? Choose the Right Software Flowchart [Infographic]

Here is a nice visual flowchart of the most common eCommerce software options with recommendations depending on your unique individual and business shopping cart needs.

eCommerce Website Software - Shopping Cart Software Flowchart - Web Design - Web Development - eCommerce - eBusiness Consulting - Kate Vega


10 Proven Ideas to Increase eCommerce Conversion [Infographic]

Here is a list of 10 proven ideas you can test and implement to help increase your online store’s conversion rates.

10 Proven Ideas to Incease eCommerce Conversion Rates - Infographic - Web Design - Web Development - Digital Marketing - eCommerce Consulting - Kate Vega


The Process of Building a Lightning-Fast Website Experience [Infographic]

Here is a handy explanation of the top overlooked reasons many websites experience load delays and tips on how to best maximize your website’s response time.

The process of Loading a Lightning-Fast Website Experience - Infographic - Web Design - Web Development - Kate Vega


eCommerce: What to Expect in 2017 [Infographic]

Here are some quick stats on the current growth rate of eCommerce into 2017 and the consumer behaviors that drive it.

eCommerce - What to Expect in 2017 - Infographic - Web Developemtn - eCommerce - eBusiness Consulting - Kate Vega