The Idiot’s Guide to Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

Here’s a nice description of inbound marketing broken down into its 4 stages: 1. attract, 2. convert, 3. close, 4. measure & assess.

Idiot's Guide to Inbound Marketing Infographic - Digital Marketing - Inbound Marketing - Kate Vega



5 Important Things About Business Data Analytics [Infographic]

5 Important Things About Business Data Analytics Infographic - Digital Marketing - eBusiness Consulting - Kate Vega


53% of Top-Performing Companies are Investing in CRM to Drive Sales Productivity [Infographic]

Here’s a quick look at the main areas top-performing companies are investing in to drive their overall sales productivity.

CRM - Top-Performing Companies Invest in Areas to Drive Sales Productivity - Customer Relations Managment Software - eBusiness Consulting - Kate Vega


Digital Marketing Transit Map [Infographic]

Here’s an interesting digital marketing transit map brought to you by Gartner. Use this map to understand the connections among business functions (neighborhoods), applications (tracks) and providers (stations) so you can easily mediate discussions between marketing and IT.

Digital Marketing Map Kate Vega Digital marketing

Source: Gartner