The Idiot’s Guide to Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

Here’s a nice description of inbound marketing broken down into its 4 stages: 1. attract, 2. convert, 3. close, 4. measure & assess.

Idiot's Guide to Inbound Marketing Infographic - Digital Marketing - Inbound Marketing - Kate Vega



Why Infographics Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy [Infographic]

Here is a compelling look at the reasons why content marketing is ideal to your company’s bottom-line and some very useful insight into online consumer behavior in 2016.

Why Infographics Should be Part of Your SEO Strategy - Infographic - Digital Marketing - Kate Vega


Basics: Squarespace SEO Made Simple [Infographic]

Here’s a simply perfect condensed version of the SEO essentials all website owners should understand and implement no matter the type of Content Management System (CMS) used to launch your website.

Squarespace SEO Made Simple Infographic - Search Engine Optimization - SEO - Digital Marketing - Web Design - Web Development - Kate Vega