10 Social Media Trends To Prepare for in 2018 [Infographic]


Here are 10 emerging trends in social media that are predicted to alter the social marketing landscape in 2018.

10 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018 - Digital Marketing - Inbound Marketing - Social Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: red-website-design.co.uk

Best Times to Post on Instagram [Infographic]


There are a lot of recommended post schedules out there, but few take into account a large amount of data across multiple sources. This infographic from SproutSocial shows the general consensus when it comes to posting on Instagram. Bottom-line, the data shows there is more engagement on weekdays (M-F) and during off-business hours (early am and later pm).

Best Times to Post to Instagram - Onine Engagement - Social Media Marketing - Digital Marketing - Kate Vega

Source: sproutsocial.com

Best Times to Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & Instagram [Infographic]


Here are some helpful statistics showing the best times during the day with they highest engagement for you social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Best Times to Post to Social Media Statistics - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Pinterest - Instagram - Digital Marketing - Infographic - Kate Vega

Source: hubspot.com

Digital Marketing Transit Map [Infographic] www.katevega.com


Here’s an interesting digital marketing transit map brought to you by Gartner. Use this map to understand the connections among business functions (neighborhoods), applications (tracks) and providers (stations) so you can easily mediate discussions between marketing and IT.

Digital Marketing Map Kate Vega Digital marketing

Source: Gartner