Graphic Design Trends 2017 [Infographic]

Here is a nice visual on some of the top emerging graphic design trends in 2017 including 1. Bright Colors, 2. Bold Typography, 3. Google Fonts, 4. Authentic Photos, 5. Hand-Drawn Graphics, 6. Minimalism, 7. GIFs, 8. Duotones.

Graphic design trends in 2017 - Infographic - Graphic Design - Web Design - Kate Vega


7 Benefits of Flat Web Design [Infographic]

Here is a useful look at 7 top reasons to consider flat design for your website and landing pages. Flat design is more than a fad; it speeds up load times and makes for a better overall user experience. Not to mention, it’s proven to increase your conversion rates. Indeed, less is more!

7 Benefits of Flat Web Design - Infographic - Kate Vega